History of IP Section Brown Bag CLEs

Since we were rather abruptly converted to a new website, we lost some of the details about past brown bag sessions that were contained in the old site. Nonetheless, we wanted to publish a list of past brown bag sessions (thanks to Lydia Loren for maintaining the information!). 

Month/Year Session Title Presenter(s)
April 2015 Inter Partes Review: A View from the Trenches Christopher J. Lewis Jeffrey S. Love
March 2015 Trademarks in the Cannabis Industry Parna Mehrbani

Sean Clancy

February 2015 *No Brown Bag CLE N/A
January 2015 Trademark Opposition Proceedings Matthew Wilmot
December 2014 Crimson Trace and Other Trending Ethics Topics for IP Practitioners Arden Olson

John Rake

November 2014 An Update on Patent Review Proceedings Matthew C. Phillips
October 2014 Nautilus: Watershed or Non-Event? John Vandenberg
September 2014 Annual Hot Patent Topics at the Federal Circuit Review Pete Heuser
August 2014 Oregon’s New Legislation Relating to Bad-Faith Assertions of Patent Infringement John Mansfield

Tim Nord


July 2014 Big Data and the Law John Take

Will Landecker

June 2014 Some Tried and True Tips on Combating Online Counterfeiting Julianne Davis
May 2014 Look and Feel IP Protection Chuck DeVoe
April 2014 Music Licensing and Practical Approaches to Working with Music Industry Clients Vincent Sliwoski
March 2014 Canadian Trademark Issues that US IP Attorneys Should Know Jeffrey Vicq

Larry Munn

February 2014 *No Brown Bag CLE N/A
January 2014 Induced Patent Infringement: A Divided Federal Circuit Scott D. Eads

Julia E. Markley

December 2013 Ethics for IP Practitioners Peter Jarvis
November 2013 Hot IP Topics in the Federal Circuit Peter Heuser
October 2013 *No Brown Bag CLE N/A
September 2013 IP Ramifications of 3-D Printing Jay Smith-Hill
August 2013 DNA Patents Dr. Williams Noonan
July 2013 Cloud Computing Contracts from the Client Perspective Paul Havel

Nick Jwayad

Dustin Milberg

June 2013 Exhausted by Exhaustion? Prof. Lydia Pallas Loren
May 2013 Domain Name Disputes and New Generic Top Level Domains Steven Wilker

Ryan Bledsoe

April 2013 Litigating Trade Secrets Cases Robert Shlachter

Timothy DeJong

March 2013 DMCA Basics & Beyond Parna Mehrbani
February 2013 *No Brown Bag CLE N/A
January 2013 Better Ways for IP Counsel to Communicate with General Counsel Michael Phillips
December 2012 Negotiating and Doing Business in China Philip Griffin
November 2012 Practical Tips for Navigating International Patent and Trademark Waters David D’Ascenzo
October 2012 Protecting a Trademark Worldwide Through the Madrid System Lynne Beresford
September 2012 Prometheus and Patentability Tom Vesbit
August 2012 Hot Topics in the Federal Circuit Peter Heuser
July 2012 Case Law and Claim Drafting Andrew Mason
June 2012 Trademark Application & Prosecution Strategies Michael Heilbronner
May 2012 Emerging Changes to State Unfair Competition Laws to Address Copyright Piracy Eric Priest
April 2012 Monetization of IP – Converting Unused Assets Into Money Nate Dilger

Peter Afrasiabi

March 2012 Ethical Considerations Caused by your Clients Rush to File after America Invents Act Rajiv Sarathy
February 2012 *No Brown Bag CLE N/A
January 2012 Who owns social networking by employees? Kevin Hayes
December 2011 The America Invents Act John Vandenberg
November 2011 *No Brown Bag CLE N/A
October 2011 Oregon Federal Practitioners Co/ with Federal Bar Assoc.
September 2011 Looking Back and Moving Forward Marybeth Peters
August 2011 Tips on Addressing Privacy Compliance in Software Design and Development Amanda Mayhew
July 2011 Patent Law updates on the invalidity and inequitable conduct standards in view of Microsoft Corp. Shawn Kolitch & T. J. Romano
June 2011 Managing the Risks of Outside Idea Submission Jon P. Stride & Rosemary Colliver
May 2011 MIPO – Monitoring-Inventing-Prospering-Opportunities Kedma Ough
April 2011 The America Invents Act Joel Corcoran
March 2011 Whether federal courts can impose prospective compensation in lieu of a final injunction as a remedy for patent or copyright infringement Tomas Gomez-Arostegui
February 2011 *No Brown Bag CLE N/A
January 2011 IP Review – Updates and Changes from 2010 Matthew Phillips & Micah Stolowitz