March 16, 2021 Event: Virtual Meetup for OSB-IP Section Members and IP Law Students

Virtual Meetup for OSB-IP Section Members and IP Law Students

Please mark your calendars for 5:00-6:15 pm on Tuesday, March 16 for an OSB IP section event. This online social hour will give IP students from Oregon, Willamette, and Lewis & Clark Law Schools an opportunity to mingle with IP practitioners and learn more about our practices and careers. Because of the pandemic, our local schools have found it very difficult if not impossible to hold events for their students, so we are hoping for a large turnout (from both students and practitioners) during this virtual event. There will be no cost for either students or practitioners for the event.

The event will be held on a platform called “Remo,” which provides a virtual conference space that allows real-time networking. Remo does this by dividing a virtual room into virtual “tables” with 8 positions each. When you join a table, you see and interact only with those “seated” at your table, and attendees can change tables by just double-clicking on another table. You can find details about the platform here: The platform does not require you to install any special software on your computer.

We plan to place section members at tables, and the students can then move around the “room.” We also will label the tables according to practice area so that students can navigate to whatever tables they feel best suit their interests. We are hoping to get commitments from at least one person to “sit” at each table labeled as follows (which obviously will have some overlap): In-house counsel, Large-firm practice, IP Boutique practice, Copyright counsel, Trademark counsel, Trade Secret counsel, and Patent counsel. If you don’t fit neatly into any of these categories, but still want to volunteer to host a table, we of course welcome your participation; we would like to give the students as many options as possible. If you would like to specifically commit to host under one of these headings, or would like to host a table under a different heading, please reach out to Kevin Ross at [email protected].

To register for the event (no fee and no downloadable software required), please follow this link:

Thanks, and looking forward to “seeing” you there.

Kevin S. Ross


Miller Nash Graham & Dunn