September 6, 2017 Brown Bag CLE: The ALI Restatement of Copyright Law–How it is Being Made

Speakers: Please join us as Professor Lydia Loren gives a presentation on her work on the American Law Institute’s upcoming Restatement of the Law of Copyright. As one of the Associate Reporters on the project, Professor Loren is one of a handful of authors of the Restatement, which is the first Restatement designed to cover copyright law. The project is projected to address many substantive areas of copyright law including the subject matter and standards for obtaining copyright protection, the scope of protection, the rules of copyright ownership, the standards for proving infringement, the doctrines of secondary liability, and remedies for infringement. Begun in 2014, the Restatement will take approximately five to six years to complete. Come learn how this and other Restatements are made!

Slides: Sept-2017-Brown-Bage-CLE-Materials